Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Review: Vagabond And Tramp – Wanderlust

Vagabond And Tramp – Wanderlust (Independent)
I love a good made up name, especially when coupled with an imaginative back-story, and these lot don’t disappoint. Their Facebook biography inform all who care to look that “Lady Zelda Calliope Vagabond met Mister Dante Philadelphius Tramp in 1924, in an opium den in Shanghai”. Yep – perfect, and there’s lots more of it, too, if you feel the urge to take a peak.

Of course, there’s some music to be heard, too, and on “Wanderlust”, their debut five-track EP, it’s well worth a listen. Brianna Lynn (Lady Vagabond) and Drew de Man (Mr. Tramp) enjoy varied musical histories. Lynn trained as a musical therapist and is a skilled player, whilst de Man fronted No River City (check out their “This Is Our North Dakota” album), who were championed by the much-missed No Depression, and toured all over. They’re joined here by Ethan Boardman and Jason Rappaport, though without silly nom de plumes, I’m not sure how seriously I can take their contribution.

Onto the songs: “Desdemona” gets the ball rolling, with Lynn taking lead vocal – as she does on most of the EP, and hats off to the pedal steel player. The title track oozes old carny spirit, and it’s an outstanding duet, with both Lynn and de Man in fine fettle. They close with “Boots Undone”, which happily straddles the style of early Ryan Adams, circa “Heartbreaker”, and the acoustic side of Jay Farrar.
Phil S.

Vagabond & Tramp: Wanderlust

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