Friday, 2 March 2012

Review: Sun Tailor

Sun Tailor - Like The Tide (Independent)
Sun Tailor (aka Israeli born singer-songwriter Arnon Naor) lived in London for five years, writing his debut album “Like The Tide”. The songs were recorded upon his return to Tel Aviv, in his bedroom, close to both the centre of the city and the sea. Although he’s an experienced live performer with a European tour already completed, a regular band to perform with and enough guest musicians on the record to fill a small concert hall, a large degree of intimacy is retained throughout the collection. In fact, every song sounds like a personal statement aimed directly at the listener.

Tailor / Naor possesses a voice and pitch that is both tender and remarkably forthright. On the single “Don't Knock on my Door” hushed tones combine with candor, and on the opening track “Out of the Shelter” he tells his story while a string quartet builds tension. It’s astonishingly good, and reminds me of both David Ackles and early solo Peter Gabriel. Towards the end of the album there’s a trio of standout songs. “Fay”, where piano, viola and cello add plenty of atmosphere, “End of the Affair” features some truly haunting backing vocals courtesy of Charlotte Cegarra, combining beautifully with strings and things, and final track, “Still Fading” is almost spry, and provides a stirring, memorable conclusion.
Rob F.

Sun Tailor: Like the Tide

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