Friday, 2 March 2012

Review: Hombre Jones

Hombre Jones - Back In Exile (Paradiddle Records)
Hombre Jones is a group of New York and east coast roots musicians, led by singer-songwriter and bass player, Michael Meehan. His name maybe familiar to music fans as the co-founder of the Last Hombres, who signed to Koch Records and were produced by Levon Helm. He later joined up with the band Fourteen Feet (aka the Welldiggers), who had a major hit (in alt. country circles) with the Eric ‘Roscoe’ Ambel produced “Stole Away” album. In other words, he’s paid his dues.

“Back In Exile” is the first fruit of the group’s collective labours. Released on February 14th, they describe the record as an “anti valentine, a collection of alt. country songs of broken love, isolation and finally acceptance of one’s lot in life”. Sentiments that, I’m sure, many will share, and Meehan and the band dutifully provide a collection of heartbreak tales of loneliness, deception, rejection and woe. Songs to be sung whilst sobbing into a beer – or five – and all delivered in a roots style that falls somewhere between classic country and gritty, contemporary Americana. There is a final redemption of sorts, with the gospel “Crown Of Thorns” but before that you’ll hear all about “Cassandra” and “The Lucky One”, though probably it’s the excellent “Passionbroke” that just deserves to take the laurels.
Rob F.

Hombre Jones: Back In Exile

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