Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Archers: 19/3/2012


Josh wants to get things straight and Emma looks to the future.

Kylie’s confirmed that Helen can visit Sharon on Wednesday, so it’s all systems go.

Pat asks Tom to look through the farm’s finances with her. Tom thinks things look like they are picking up. He suggests they go to the bank together next week, so that he can ask for a business loan for the new polytunnel at the same time. Pat wants to run this past Tony first. Now that things look positive, she doesn’t want him to feel marginalised.

Emma tells Ruth she’s packed in her job at Lower Loxley. They’ve been very kind about it and she doesn’t have to work her notice, so she’ll finish at the end of the week.

Ruth is concerned by Josh’s worries surrounding the farm. It seems he’s picked up on the atmosphere over the last couple of weeks. Ruth assures him that they plan to keep the cows, and that everything is ok with them. David’s glad they can put their troubles behind them, and look forward to their new business venture – thanks to Ruth. If Lisa comes up with some solid figures tomorrow, negotiating a loan for the new storage tank should be a piece of cake.


Episode written by Carole Simpson Solazzo

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