Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bob Dylan's Blood On the Tracks to be made into film...

Bob Dylan's double platinum album Blood on the Tracks is to be adapted into a feature length film.

The 1975 album, Dylan's best-selling record to date, is to be turned into a "classic drama" by Brazillian film company RT Features.

Following the demise of Dylan's relationship with his then-wife, the album highlights themes of heartbreak, bitterness and failed romance.

It contains songs including Tangled Up in Blue and Simple Twisting of Fate.

"As long time admirers of one of the greatest albums in the history of music, we feel privileged to be making this film," said RT Features' chief executive Rodrigo Teixeira.

The company is now looking for a director for the film, he added.

"Our goal is to work with a filmmaker who can create a classic drama with characters and an environment that capture the feelings that the album inspires in all fans."

Bob Dylan released Blood on the Tracks, his 15th studio album, through Columbia Records in 1975.

He wrote all of the songs for it in two months in 1974.

Six years earlier, he was asked by Rolling Stone magazine whether he would like to star in a film, or if he would ever write songs for one.

The musician replied he was "a little shy of these people", and that the process of writing for screen, he found, was a long one.

He continued: "These producers, they wanted some music for their movie, so I came up with that song [Lay, Lady, Lay]. By the time I came up with it though, it was too late. It's the same old story all the time. It's just too late."

Dylan's latest release, Chimes of Freedom, features 80 artists including Adele, Billy Bragg and Sting, performing tracks from the original recording of the 1964 album.

It was released in support of Amnesty International on 24 January, and precedes a EU and UK tour which begins in Brazil on 15 April.

Source: BBC

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