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the new studio album 'Golden Rhythm/Ink Music' has been released by Rune Grammofon. it's available on CD and LP (w/free download link). it's currently only available from Rune Grammofon in Norway: but we will have copies for sale on our forthcoming tour. it will be released worldwide sometime in april and we will have copies for sale directly from us in the uk and the usa once we return from tour.
pre-orders are welcome!

you can preview a track from the album here:


March 2012

20th - Allonnes, France @ Peniche Excelsior w/ The Chap
21st - Paris, France @ Instants Chavires w/ Cut Hands
22nd - Lyon, France @ Sonic w/ Les Marquises
23rd - Berlin, Germany @ Kater Holzig
24th - Malmo, Sweden @ Moriska Paviljongen
27th - Oslo, Norway @ Blå w/ Layers Of The Onion
29th - Albi, France @ GMEA
31st - Marseille, France @ GRIM w/ Xiu Xiu

April 2012
6th - Glasgow @ Mono ( Counterflows Festival After Party - Free Entry)
9th - Manchester @ Castle Hotel w/ Hayden/Joinson/Jones Trio
10th - Leeds @ Brudenell Social Club w/ Temperatures
11th - London @ Vortex w/ Braindead Collective & Glockenspiel
12th - Coventry @ Taylor Johns House w/ The Bat Niven
13th - Leicester @ The Abattoir (The Abbey Pub) w/ Scaley Fuego


a bootleg recording of our concert last year in Hannover has been released on Tom Smith's (To Live And Shave In LA) label KSV. a misunderstanding between Tom Smith and VTB led to him releasing the recording in an extremely limited edition without our consent. However, we do have a very small amount of these bootleg cdr's. please contact us for details.

Daniel Padden

Padden has recently released a superb album called 'Ship Chop'. here's some details about it.

Ship Chop is a celebratory cut-up of far-flung musics. Edited, collaged and re-arranged by Daniel Padden from original vinyl sources to create impossible collaborations between musical ghosts.

It is both reverential and sacrilegious, giving the music its full praise whilst also subjecting it to playful subversion. Some of the editing is obvious and transparent, but some of it much less so, where sounds from different recordings and continents overlap into an unlikely whole.


also available on iTunes...

The One Ensemble have a new LP/CD available very soon on Alt Vinyl & Picked Egg Records

check for info on paddens other projects

Aaron Moore

Moore has a few new releases out and upcoming. here's some info about them.

Textile Trio - AAA

Invisible Sports - Ow Pow Hero Hour (solo live)

and the Invisible Sports studio LP 'The Future Tastes' will be available soon from Alt Vinyl.

the above releases are available directly from us. please email for details.

Moore has also recently guested on a couple of releases:

Teatro Plagues - Homesludge cassette on Gold Soundz

Layers Of The Onion - Hal-An-Tow on Droning On/Apartment/OHM

check for news on Moore's other projects.

speaking of the www. VTB will have a new website up very soon. in the meantime find us on facebook for instant vtbnews

you can also find us here:

though we still have a myspace page it is largely inactive.

finally both Moore and Padden have remixed a track by Beyoncé!! you can hear and vote for them here:

please feel free to contact us about what we have in stock. we're expecting some old titles to be back in stock very soon.


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