Monday, 19 March 2012

Review: Forever Mountain

Forever Mountain - Lamentations EP (Independent)
From Spanish Fort, Alabama, Forever Mountain is the nom de plume of singer-songwriter Dustin Price, and as far as I’m aware, “Lamentations” is his debut offering. Recorded very much in the style of the new wave of indie folk - think Bon Iver and Ben Howard – Price transcends his influences through sound songcraft and a keen melodic ear. The four songs vary in tempo from gradual and measured to almost sprightly, and affairs of the heart appear high on his list of priorities.

Opening with “Let You Down”, its soulful yearning qualities and relaxed tune makes it easy to like, and “The Only” gets to the root of his sound, as he lays himself bare. Perhaps my favourite is “Tarry On”. It combines his strengths as a writer, and uses words like “sombre” and “wasted” and asks the question “will I ever love?” – gloomy, but in a feel-good, glad it’s not me, sort of way…
Simon M.

Forever Mountain: Lamentations EP

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