Friday, 16 March 2012

R. Stevie Moore & Ariel Pink, d'Eon, Pink Playground, and more featured on upcoming Electric Voice Compilation‏...

Halifax, Nova Scotia's Electric Voice Records just launched a pre-order for their upcoming Electric Voice Compilation (2012) to be released April 8th. The album will be available digitally, on cassette, and as a limited double LP. Featured artists include Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore, Jeff & Jane Hudson, Soft Metals, HTRK, Femminielli, Automelodi, d'Eon, Innergaze, Jef Barbara, Passion Party, Pink Playground, Chevalier Avant Garde, Colours, Rape Faction, Grand Trine, Catbag, The KVB, and Horrid Red.

Over the past few years Electric Voice Records has established itself as one of Canada’s most forward-thinking and ambitious new labels, releasing a mountain of innovative pop music from an eccentric roster of international bands and artists. The label’s grand vision is quite simply to archive the current state of affairs in the underground world of pop music. Although a bold mission, this new compilation makes huge strides towards that aim. Culled from a hopelessly jammed inbox of submissions and requests, these 18 tracks represent some of the finest jams to ever grace the Electric Voice catalogue and offer a cross section of both up and coming and established artists. The label’s obsessive attention to quality means that every track is an absolute highlight, but notable contributions include “Dutch Me“, a collaboration between cult bedroom wizards R.Stevie Moore and Ariel Pink, and “The Stand“, a minimal synth track by ’80′s no-wave trailblazers Jeff & Jane Hudson—Electric Voice recently released a 12″ single of new material for Jeff & Jane Hudson and is currently prepping a full-length collaboration between Moore and Ariel Pink. The compilation also includes a chilling track by Australian protopunks HTRK (Hate Rock Trio) which features the band’s late friend and producer Rowland S. Howard of The Birthday Party on guitar. But every cut on this double LP is a winner, with new projects like Femminielli, d’Eon, Rape Faction, Soft Metals, Automelodi, Innergaze, Grand Trine, Jef Barbara, and Catbag commanding as much attention as anything else on the album. And of course, the strange, zen-like art of Adam O’Rielly and mastering work of Evan Cardwell transform this collection of great songs into a coherent piece of art. All in all, the brilliance of this compilation testifies to the unstoppable growth and focus of Electric Voice Records.

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