Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Archers: 9/3/2012


Tom hopes for a taste of success, while Jim is taking things seriously.

At St Stephens, Shula and Alan talk about preparations for Britain in Bloom, and they see Jim trying to spot the peregrines. Shula comments on an unexpected compliment she received from him earlier, on her good judgement in buying Topper.

Alan later questions Jim about the sincerity of his compliment. Jim points out the difference between flattery and compliments. Jim’s serious about his endeavour and plans to keep a record of his compliments – one person a day for the next three weeks. He’s also going to get witnesses, in case anyone’s still tempted to doubt his integrity.

Tom’s at the café in Felpersham setting up Ambridge Organics’ new product launch. Helen and Pat wait for Tony, but he’s feeling too washed out to go. Reassured that it’s nothing more, Pat agrees it’s a sensible decision. At the launch, everyone seems very positive about the new products. Pat has a moment’s panic when she sees she’s missed a call from David, who’s helping at the farm again. It turns out he just wanted to assure her that Tony was fine.
Pat and Helen return home, where all seems quiet. Tony is asleep in front of the television. Pat leaves him to rest while she gets supper ready.


Episode written by Simon Frith

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