Friday, 9 March 2012

The Archers: 8/3/2012


Brian's been caught on camera, while Ruth thinks she has the answer.

Emma’s childcare dilemma is getting her down. Emma tells Ed she found Joe looking after George and Keira, because Eddie had gone off on a job. Ed decides he’ll speak to Oliver about the possibility of him changing his days so he covers the milking when Emma’s at Lower Loxley. That way Ed can take care of Keira. It’s still only temporary, until they find some proper childcare.

Brian’s pleased that the bad weather’s cut today’s demonstration short. But his pleasure is also cut short when he learns the Echo has published a picture of him and Kirsty at the earlier demo. He feels the accompanying article is unfairly in favour of the protestors. Jennifer thinks it will soon blow over. Although happy to help, she wishes Brian had talked to her before telling Helen she’d sort out the veg recipes.

Ruth thinks she’s found a way to make the milk pay. Her plan involves giving up their year-round calving and switching to block calving in the autumn. David is unsure, but after Ruth explains how it could work he lets it sink in and then agrees it’s worth a try. Ruth’s been talking to a consultant, so she’ll call him tomorrow. She knows they can make it work.


Episode written by Simon Frith

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