Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Archers: 7/3/2012


Alan throws down the gauntlet and Brian fishes for information.

Brian’s helping Helen again but she’s still too busy to come up with imaginative recipes to go out in the veg boxes. Brian suggests she sends all the old recipes to Jennifer, who’s keen to help. Jennifer could weed through them and print out some that could be recycled.

Clarrie and Susan suddenly realise they’re gossiping. Mischievous Jim overhears and tries to entice them into more gossip about yesterday’s demonstration. They refuse to be drawn in.

Susan admits her Lent resolution isn’t easy, and tells Alan about Jim trying to wear them down. Alan confronts Jim, who insists it was just harmless fun. Alan seizes the opportunity to offer Jim a challenge, which he agrees to. He’ll pay a compliment to a different person every day.

Brian’s hoping the demonstration at the market was a one-off. Adam tells him not to count on it, and suggests Brian checks out the protestors’ website. When Brian discovers another demonstration is planned for tomorrow, he thanks Adam for the warning and asks to be kept informed if Adam hears any more rumours. Adam insists he has no inside information but there’s a lot of opposition out there and it’s spreading. With the power of social networking, what else did Brian expect?


Episode written by Simon Frith

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