Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Archers: 6/3/2012


Brian comes face to face with the opposition. Meanwhile Jennifer and Lilian put family first.

Jennifer and Lilian visit Tony. They agree he’s looking better. Tony admits he’s looking after himself – he’ll do anything to avoid it happening again. It gets Jennifer and Lilian thinking about their own lifestyles. Jennifer acknowledges they’ve had their own fair share of stress over the dairy scheme and admits it was tearing the family apart. She’s just relieved that they’ve finally shaken hands and agreed to differ.

Brian learns that there’s a demonstration against the dairy, at the market. The protestors are trying to persuade farmers to support them and boycott the market because of the Borchester Land connection.

Brian turns up to find the numbers increasing. He notices Kirsty is amongst them. Cliff Alladay advises Brian that the police can’t do anything unless it gets out of hand. Brian goes out and tries to reason with the crowd. He finds himself being caught on camera before he’s able to ask them to call it a day. Kirsty insists it’s nothing personal but there are a lot of people who really hate his scheme and this is their way of showing it. It won’t be the last time he seems them, so Brian had better get used to it.


Episode written by Simon Frith

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