Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Archers: 5/3/2012


Clarrie makes a new start and there's something bothering Tom.

David asks Ruth if she’s come up with a plan to keep the cows. Ruth changes the subject and asks David to book the go-karting for Ben’s birthday for Friday afternoon. He pushes her and she insists she’s working on it. She’s researching another system but asks David to back off and give her some time.

It’s Clarrie’s first day back in the dairy and she’s feeling nervous. Susan tells her it’ll be just like old times and Pat welcomes her back with a hug. Susan tells Pat they’ve both given up gossiping for Lent. Clarrie’s being over-cautions with her hygiene. Susan’s just grateful to have her help. She tells Clarrie that Tracy has managed to get Brad and Chelsea into Loxley Barratt school after Easter but worries that this might be gossip. Clarrie reckons it’s just family news.

Tom’s had some positive feedback from the ready meal tastings but he’s got so much work to do that he’s feeling over-loaded. Brenda realises it’s not just work he’s worrying about. Tom admits he’s worried about Tony. Brenda insists the prognosis is really good, thanks to Tom’s speedy reaction. So he needs to focus on the launch and go easy on himself.


Episode written by Simon Frith

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