Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Archers: 14/3/2012


Tom has a difficult conversation and Alice is matchmaking.

Jamie tells Natalie that Alistair wants him to join the cricket team again. Jamie has his reservations about spending so much time with old men when he’d rather be with her. He comes up with an idea – youth training on different nights from the usual nets. Jamie decides he’ll suggest it to Marty. If he’s keen, Jamie will put it to Alistair.

Alice goes to the fashion show, while Chris tries to get his head around VAT. Alice’s match-making plans have failed. Amy already has a new boyfriend, Carl, but she won’t give out any juicy details.

Tom updates Tony on the farm but Tony’s not listening. He’s thinking about Rich. When they met, he just wanted to hug Rich and say he was his granddad. Realising the emotional toll this is still having, Tom tells Helen he’s had a change of heart. He wants Pat and Tony to see Rich again, and to be able to tell him who they are.

Helen agrees to talk to Kylie to see if she can get Sharon to change her mind. Tom knows they’re lucky to still have their dad, and this is worth doing for him.


Episode written by Joanna Toye

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