Friday, 2 March 2012

The Archers: 1/3/2012


Helen is supportive. Meanwhile Lily strikes out alone.

Helen takes Henry to visit Tony. Tony’s doing well, and is pleased to have made up with Jennifer. He knows that Tom’s up to his neck on the farm but would like to see him, if he can manage it.

Tom’s grateful for Neil’s help with the pigs. Helen offers to do the shop run for Tom so that he can visit Tony.

Tony thanks Tom for his quick thinking, which saved Tony’s life. Tom wants to talk about the things he said beforehand but Tony insists they forget it. It’s ancient history and it doesn’t matter now. He changes the subject. They laugh at the thought of Susan giving up gossip, and Clarrie joining her.

Elizabeth bumps into Neil on her way to visit Tony. They confirm arrangements for Lily to have a go at bell-ringing later.

Lily starts with the back stroke, and Neil does the hand stroke. The clapper’s tied so they don’t hear it ring but Lily enjoys herself, and wishes she could hear it. Lily’s done so well that Neil allows her to do a few rings on an un-tied bell. As the treble bell begins to chime, Lily thinks it’s awesome to be a real bell-ringer!


Episode written by Simon Frith

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