Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Archers: 12/3/2012


Jim gets into his stride and Emma has childcare problems.

Brian remarks on the irony of him packing veg boxes at Bridge Farm, while Pat’s campaign against the dairy threatens to stymie his business. Brian getting frustrated. He knows that Rufus and the PR firm are doing all they can, but he doesn’t know if it’s enough. After what’s happened to Tony, Jennifer is concerned about the toll this is taking on Brian’s health – she even changes his diet!

Emma’s still struggling to find someone to look after George and Keira. Neil’s convinced something will turn up. Susan praises Neil for the work he’s done on the doll’s house. Emma agrees it will be great for Keira when she’s old enough. Susan warns Emma not to let George get close to Hilary Noakes’ cockatoo as it seems to be ill. Neil reckons this is gossip but Susan and Emma insist it’s helpful information.

Vicky calls on Susan to discuss an earlier comment from Jim. She’s been trying to work out what he meant when he said she’s looking very trim these days. Was he saying she was fat before? Vicky’s not sure how to take it, and she’s not convinced it was just a compliment.


Episode written by Joanna Toye

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