Monday, 12 March 2012

The Archers: 11/3/2012


Pat blames herself. Meanwhile Alice has her nose to the grindstone.

Jennifer’s concerned that Brian is obsessed with monitoring the websites against the new dairy. She had to prise him away from the computer to take Ruairi out this morning.

Alice tells Jennifer that she’s taking Amy to a charity fashion show in the week, and plans to introduce her to a postgrad bio-medical student. She thinks they’d make a lovely couple. Jennifer thinks Amy’s capable of finding her own man, if she wants one.

Tom and Helen are keen to move forward with the polytunnel plans but know they need to get the packaging right for the wholesale market. It’s something else for Tom’s To Do list. At least Jazzer’s up for some extra work. He needs the money to impress his new woman.Tom’s surprised but pleased to see Tony, who’s out getting a bit of gentle exercise with Pat, Helen and Henry. Pat’s anxious that he doesn’t do too much.

Pat can’t stop fussing over Tony. She blames herself for being nothing but selfish since she learned about Rich. Helen reassures her that Tony’s heart attack is not her fault. They could all blame themselves over things they’ve done. Helen and Pat agree they’ll never take Tony for granted again.


Episode written by Joanna Toye

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