Monday, 6 May 2013

Review: We Are The Wild Things – Amour

We Are The Wild Things – Amour (Independent)
We Are The Wild Things are a young quartet from Toronto, comprising Allan Crooc on vocals and guitar, guitarist Jeffrey Care, Michael Ferreira on bass and vocals, and drummer Ryan Patrick. Together they play urgent, contemporary indie pop and rock, with emphasis on sweeping, epic tunes, and with no shortage of hooks - it’s the sort of thing that radio stations crave.

They’ve already established themselves as one of the hardest working bands in their locale, and all that time spent on stage and in rehearsal rooms has obviously paid off within the confines of the studio, as “Amour” sounds like a collection of songs recorded by a group completely in sync. Lead vocalist Crooc possesses an adaptable, flexible voice, which is equally adept at subtle nuance as it is letting rip, and the band understand the importance of light and shade.

Of the seven tracks on the EP (the group’s second release), special attention should be paid to opening cut “Just for a While”, a driving guitar track with Crooc in particularly fine form. “Quit Running Away” stresses the importance of the group dynamic, with its rhythmic shifts and pop nous, and “Mirrors” delivers the sort of accessibility that will surely make their name on future releases.
Phil S.

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