Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Review: The Broken Lights – S/T

The Broken Lights – S/T (Independent)
Taking their inspiration from classic rock bands like Cream and ZZ Top, together with contemporary artists such as Jack White and The Black Keys, Dayton, Ohio three piece, The Broken Lights, have delivered a debut album that connects the past to the future, while rocking every step of the way. The young group (Tyler Cochran: guitar and vocals, Andy Uzzel: bass, Zach Grove: drums) have an average age of under 20, and have only been playing together for a couple of years, yet progress appears to have been swift. The ten tracks on their debut are all self-penned by the trio, and display a deep understanding of the genre they’re operating in.

They don’t feel the need to attach any particular pose to what they’re doing – they look like three regular kids, who just happen to play music. They kick off their record with “Hey Hey Baby Baby”, which might be the most clichéd title of all time, though it doesn’t stop it sounding great. The guitars are unfussy and urgent, and they include an abundance of pop hooks. Frankly, rock radio should be fighting to play it. “Hello Chicago” is just as good, with Uzzel’s bassline providing plenty of impetus. Though rock and blues are the cornerstones of their sound, it’s impossible not to be impressed by their talent for accessible pop melodies. Perhaps the prime example is “Backtrack”, a track so irresistibly catchy – like a fun version of Ebola - it should probably be reported to the World Health Organization.
Phil S.

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