Thursday, 7 March 2013

Review: The Whiskey Farm – From The Still

The Whiskey Farm – From The Still (Independent)
There’s something reassuring about The Whiskey Farm. When most young Americana bands are incorporating indie vibes or punky rambunctiousness into their music, the honest-to-goodness bluegrass-folk-pop songs that The Whiskey Farm play are like a breath of fresh mountain air.

The Madison, Wisconsin six-piece formed in 2010, released their debut “Middle of America” a year later, and have now followed up with “From The Still”. Critical reaction amongst local reviewers and roots publications has been nothing but positive, though when a new group like The Whiskey Farm are making local waves, it’s apparent how much we all miss No Depression’s internationally followed bi-monthly updates.

Led by singer-songwriter Jason Horowitz, the Milwaukee native already had a solo album under his belt and a stint with folk rock band Cabin 18, before helping form The Whiskey Farm. His songs provide the core of the group’s sound, and he’s a natural storyteller, whether it’s civil war yarns (“The Boys of Forest Hill”) that sound like they were written a century ago, or the utterly contemporary “The Day the Tractors Came to Town”, with its plentiful references to social (in)justice and the rights of ordinary people.

Everything is underpinned with pop hooks, first-rate musicianship and tight harmonies. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable 45 minutes, and if any of the above piques your curiosity, I suggest you investigate further - without delay!
Tony S.

The Whiskey Farm: From the Still

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