Friday, 8 March 2013

Review: Skyepoint – Likes Of You

Skyepoint – Likes Of You (Independent)
Australian quartet Skyepoint, Liv Gritten (lead vocals), Tim Hickey (guitar), Tom Bofinger (drums, vocals) and Joel Speechly (bass), are making all the right noises – literally. They mix up a contemporary rock style with infectious alt. pop hooks, and the result is a four-track debut that impresses throughout its 15 minute duration, and sticks around the subconscious long after the pretend needle has left the imaginary platter.

Gritten’s voice, always mixed good and high, and with a hint of All About Eve’s Julianne Regan, provides a powerful vehicle for the songs, and the musicians in the band are all fine players, without ever sounding showy or overly slick. Guitarist Hickey pulls a number of intense solos out of his bag of tricks, and the rhythm section provides considerably more swing than you’d expect. Remember, this is a debut release from a relatively new band.

They begin with “Take the Fall”, which builds pace and unadulterated oomph at a significant rate. The title track belongs on daytime radio and includes some wonderful work from Hickey, and final track “Avalanche” ends proceedings on a muscular high. Probably best to play it again.
Phil S.

Skyepoint: Likes of You

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