Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Review: Lizzy Lehman – A Place I Know You’ll Love

Lizzy Lehman – A Place I Know You’ll Love (Independent)
Born in Evanston, Illinois, Lizzy Lehman moved to Portland at the end of her teens and became a regular attendee at the Kerrville Folk Festival. She relocated to Austin in 2011 and musically she’s been busy ever since. “A Place I Know You’ll Love” is her second solo album (her debut “Old Reminders” came out in 2009) and she plays with two groups, a trio with Nick Droz and Dylan Stephens, and she’s an integral member of Americana outfit, The Blackwells, singing, playing guitar and percussion.

Her solo work also falls in the ‘Americana’ category, though very much at the folkier end of the spectrum. She writes songs about places and people she knows, and does so in a way that involves the listener, almost as if we’re becoming part of the narrative, simply by hearing her stories.

Lehman begins with “Summer Song”. It’s a full band sound, with what seems to be violin, keyboards and banjo adding plenty of depth, not dissimilar to Dylan circa “Desire”. It’s got a great hook, and it snags deep. “Stranger” confirms her talent for pop smarts, and indeed, there’s nothing on “A Place I Know You’ll Love” that doesn’t attach itself to the part of the brain that causes spontaneous whistling and sing-a-longs. Perhaps my favourite is “Nothing to Say”, a percussion heavy lament that brings to mind Nick Cave, Dylan again, and gypsy carnivals your parents preferred you didn’t frequent.
Simon M.

Lizzy Lehman: A Place I Know You

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