Thursday, 5 April 2012

Review: Those Darlins

Those Darlins - Screws Get Loose (Oh Wow Dang)
It’s a match claimed by many and realised by few, but current indie favourites Those Darlins really do combine the androgynous cute-ability of the Crystals and Ronettes with the gutsy urban beats of early Blondie and the Ramones.

This second release, on which Jessi, Kelley and Nikki Darlin (their real names, obviously) are joined by anomalous male drummer and sometime guitarist Linwood, states its case without delay, laying down a salvo of the most infectious anthems to grace the pop world in many a long year. The tunes are sharp, the rhythms resonate, and the playing and singing are tight and clear respectively; but for many the real hook will lie in the lyrics, which are sassy, streetwise and witty whilst avoiding the trap of becoming aloof or patronising. Title track ‘Screws Get Loose’, ‘Be Your Bro’, ‘Hives’ and ‘Tina Said’, instant classics all, will strike a chord with anxious teens (females particularly) looking for a band that not only shares their world but turns in a damned good song at the same time.
Neil B.

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