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Quiet Loner to record live album of contemporary political protest at Sacred Trinity Church, Salford - Thursday 10th May 2012‏...

Quiet Loner to record live album of contemporary political protest at Sacred Trinity Church, Salford - Thursday 10th May 2012

20 years ago this very week, Neil Kinnock, perhaps the last truly left-wing Labour leader, was expected to weaken Margaret Thatcher's grip on the country in the 1992 election. Labour had been ahead in the polls since 1989 and the early 1990s recession was deepening. But it never came to pass - a toxic mix of media smear and last-minute voter fear in middle England put paid to a one-off chance for Kinnock.

It seems an appropriate week then to announce that Manchester-based songwriter Matt Hill (aka Quiet Loner) is inviting the public to attend the recording of his new album - a collection of contemporary protest songs seething with disgust and shot through with melancholy at the state of our coalition-led nation. Entitled 'Greedy Magicians', Hill will be recording the album live at Sacred Trinity Church in Salford on 10th May and, as well getting to see the album recorded, attendees will receive a free copy of the record once it is released later in 2012.

Explaining his deeply unfashionable idea Hill says, "Although my previous album 'Spectrology' was done in a recording studio, the core performances were played live and I wanted to capture that intimate feel again but this time in a non-studio space. Churches have great acoustics so it made sense to do it there." 'Greedy Magicians' takes its name from a song about the banking crisis and sets the tone for an overtly political album. Hill concedes it might put some people off, "but these are everyday issues that affect us all - the NHS, social care, civil liberties and democracy. It's important that artists speak out and this collection of songs is a way of presenting my view."

Quiet Loner will be showcasing demos leading up the release. The first, 'The Captain's Diseased', is up here:

Part of the Manchester label collective Little Red Rabbit Records, Hill will be working with producer Sam Lench (Samson & Delilah, Last Harbour, Gladeyes) who recently won a weeks writing residency with The Unthanks at Band on the Wall. Compering the evening will be Salford poet Longfella, who last year was the offical Glastonbury Festival poet-in-residence.

Advance tickets are £8 (includes free copy of the album on release) available from and Piccadilly Records, Manchester.

Previous praise for QUIET LONER:
Americana UK Album of the Year
"Bleakly beautiful." UNCUT 4 stars
"An outstanding record." MAVERICK 4 stars
"The Loner shines." DAILY MIRROR 4 stars
"Works of wonder." R2 4 stars


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