Thursday, 5 April 2012

A message from The Pony Collaboration...

Hello gang!

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the release of our eponymously-titled debut album. I know. That's probably before most of you were even born. If you don't already own it (or if you originally bought it on cassette from Our Price and your copy has worn out) you can now download the deluxe 5th anniversary edition (which looks suspiciously like the original) absolutely free (for a limited time only) from our bandcamp page. If you know someone you think might like it, be sure to let them know.

We’ve also confirmed our first London gigs in what seems like a very long time. These are as follows:

Sunday 22nd April – The Windmill, Brixton (an all day type thing with a free BBQ)

Thursday 17thMay – The Underbelly, Hoxton (supporting Slow Down, Molasses)

Our new EP is pretty much finished and should be ready in time for the Brixton gig.

Ta ra for now,


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