Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Archers: 9/4/2012


James and Leonie take to the air while Alistair seeks refuge.

Jamie talks to Alistair about the youth cricket training. He's bringing Marty, and Natalie and some of her hockey friends might be interested too. He asks if girls are allowed. Ifty the coach is coming to the pitch on Thursday for a chat and look round, so Alistair says he'll talk to him then.

Lynda notices the frostiness between Leonie and James. She and Robert do their best to weather the bickering.

Jolene is rounding up volunteers to make up the bull's horns shape in the pub garden for James' aerial photo. It's a feat of co-ordination to get the morris dancers and the crowd in the right place. As the helicopter flies over Alistair wonders if this really was the right place for a placid bank holiday break.

After the helicopter flight Leonie is doubtful that James has got any good photos. He's such a klutz they had to go twice over Lower Loxley, and he sulked all the way back as the pilot had refused to go in for a close up of the peregrines. Robert's concerned for their relationship, but Lynda assures him all relationships have sticky patches. She's sure it'll blow over.


Episode written by Keri Davies

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