Monday, 9 April 2012

The Archers: 8/4/2012


Lilian's caught in a conflict zone and Fallon plays peacemaker.

After morning milking, Brenda persuades Tom to take a well-earned couple of hours off before their family Easter lunch at the Bull. They both feel much better for a walk on Lakey Hill.

There's much admiration at the pub for Fallon's Easter bunny outfit. Will, Nic and family are there, as are Ed, Emma and family – at opposite ends of the restaurant.

Tom gets a tweet about the footballing pigs. He's happy it's good publicity, but it's all a bit beyond Tony. Tony's anxious to be helping more with the work, so Tom offers to show him the upgraded farm admin software. Tom's impressed with it; they should have upgraded years ago. Tony agrees it's clever, but they managed OK before, and he does know what he's doing in the office. Pat reassures him they all know that he does.

Lilian tells Fallon she was woken early by James and Leonie arguing. It doesn't get much better as the day progresses, and Lilian thinks it's going to be a long lunch. Fallon consoles Lilian that at least the weather forecast's good for the helicopter flight. Lilian doesn't envy James, being cooped up in a cockpit with that irritating girl.


Episode written by Keri Davies

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