Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Archers: 6/4/2012


Annabelle and Brian make battle plans. Meanwhile Brenda is concerned.

Jazzer’s keen to get more names for the Bull’s quiz night. He tells Tony that Harry calmed down when he found out it was Molly Button’s idea to put the itching powder in his cycling shorts. Jazzer confessed to Harry when Molly put a rubber tarantula on his saddle.

Annabelle and Brian meet at the Farmer’s Club and discuss the article from The Echo. Brian’s worried about the impact it will have on the planning committee. Brian tells Annabelle he met with Rufus who had plenty of ideas. One of these is promoting that that their milk will produce lower greenhouse emissions per unit of milk than smaller outdoor herds. A letter in response will be published in The Echo as well as an article in The Courier. Radio Borsetshire and other independent stations will also broadcast positive coverage. They hope it’s not too late to turn things around.

Tom gets a warning from Brenda that if he carries on the way he is he’ll end up exhausting himself. Tom says he realises why Tony was so unhappy when he missed a few morning milkings before the heart attack. Eventually, Tom comes up with a plan to keep Tony busy – Tony can do all the admin for the veg boxes.


Episode written by Adrian Flynn.

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