Friday, 6 April 2012

The Archers: 5/4/2012


Things are hotting up at the forge and Pat drops a friendly hint.

Alice is the only witness of Chris’s first creation in the new forge. He’s decided to make a Mjolnir, also known as ‘Thor’s Hammer’, to put up on the wall where Ronnie used to hang his lucky horseshoe. Chris chisels runes for strength, luck and eternal love on it as well. Alice enjoys flirting with him while he works over the anvil – especially as they haven’t had much time to themselves with Jennifer always making an appearance. However, Jennifer shows up later with a bottle of champagne and is oblivious to not being wanted there. That is, until she notices that Alice seems to wearing little more that her blacksmith’s apron!

Brian’s furious after reading yet another negative article in The Echo. Jennifer’s concerned to get Brian to contain himself and sit down to dinner, but Brian’s adamant to get it sorted out straight away.

Tom’s in a rush to get back home to dinner with Brenda after a very busy day. Pat wonders whether there would be any way Tom could get Tony involved more, as Tony is used to being relied upon. Being house-bound is clearly proving to be frustrating for him. Tom says he’ll think of something.


Episode written by Adrian Flynn.

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