Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Archers: 3/4/2012


Jill is overruled. Meanwhile Tony is keen to help.

Pat has found a way to keep Tony busy and suggests they work as a team to make and tape up the boxes for delivery. Tony’s worried that Tom is over-working himself.As Tony tells Pat that he’s starting to feel more himself she has to stop herself from thinking about what might have happened to him. Tony says he won’t grumble to anyone because everyone’s been so good to him.

At the Parish Council meeting, Neil happily shares the news with Jill about Chris having signed the contract to his own business and his own premises. Ronnie took Chris and Alice out for dinner last night to celebrate. Jill tells Jim that Lily is delighted to bell-ring at the Saint George’s Day service.

Everyone’s talking about the ‘great fly-over’ where James and Leonie will fly over Ambridge in a helicopter and take some snapshots. Jim’s not very keen on the idea. However, everyone’s interested in the Fields in Trust programme. The piece of land they think would perfectly suit is located between the Am and the shop. However, it belongs to BL. It seems some realpolitik will have to be put to use.


Episode written by Adrian Flynn

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