Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Archers: 2/4/2012


Brian makes a breakthrough and Tom feels overloaded.

Brian’s feeling deflated by all theopposition to the dairy unit. Rufus suggests one decisive last push and shows Annabelle and Brian a short DVD as an example of a visual way of showing its advantages. These include the possibility of having a small patch of grazing near the indoor unit, as some of the heifers will be drying off. Annabelle is unsure at first, but Rufus wins her and Brian over with the idea.

Tony wants to help Tom out in the office, but despite the extra work, Tom tells him he’d like to see it through himself. Tom also reminds Tony that he has to take it easy as they don’t want another scare.

Later, Brenda is spending her afternoon off with Tom. She’s brought a picnic along as she felt he was quite stressed earlier on. Tom says he’s realised that there are lots of ways to smarten things up in the office such as new software. He doesn’t want Tony to think he’s changing everything in his dad’s absence. Brenda suggests Tom take it a little easier and reminds him he can only do so much. She encourages him to make the changes in the office and that Tony will understand.


Episode written by Adrian Flynn

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