Monday, 2 April 2012

The Archers: 1/4/2012


Amy needs to talk and Shula is embarrassed.

It’s Palm Sunday and St. Stephen’s is busy. Benjamin the donkey proves to be fantastic with the kids, but may have gone astray when he saw Pat Fletcher’s hat.

Tom’s not taking any chances when it comes to Tony getting back into farm work, and Jazzer agrees to do a few more hours. They break up a bale of straw and Jazzer confesses his April Fool prank on Harry – itching powder in his cycle shorts!

Meanwhile, Jill tells Shula about Neil having something intriguing to discuss on Tuesday at the parish council meeting.

Alice invites Amy to Chris’s ‘forge christening’ on Thursday evening where he’ll make his first piece of iron-work as his own boss. Alice quizzes Amy on her new man, Carl, and Amy reveals she’s taking things slowly. Amy then opens up about a family secret. Her mother went to prison when she was younger after stabbing a girl. Amy has learnt the truth about the circumstances, and that she shouldn’t have doubted her mother. Amy now feels ready to put the bad things behind her, slowly but surely. Alice also mentions that Jennifer is popping round a lot to get away from stressed Brian. With two weeks before the planning meeting, he’s going to be a nightmare!


Episode written by Adrian Flynn

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