Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Archers: 10/4/2012


Tom finds that there aren't enough hours in the day. Meanwhile Ruth is feeling envious.

Usha's looking forward to her holiday and takes her spare key to Brookfield. She thinks Amy might enjoy having the house to herself now that she has a boyfriend, although she knows Amy's sensitive to Alan's feelings on the matter. Amy wouldn't take advantage. Ruth comments on the current pressure on Tom. Pip's helping with the milking and Josh would like to, but he's not old enough.

Brenda drops Tom's phone off at Bridge Farm and tells him Lynda nabbed her earlier. Apparently their prime village location means Brenda and Tom should put on a magnificent display for Britain in Bloom. Tom's more worried about his missed calls. Spending all this time in the parlour means he's losing opportunities. He suggests getting a relief milker, but Tony thinks it's time he got stuck in again. He's feeling stronger every day. Pat thinks it's too soon, but reluctantly agrees that Tony can do that afternoon, and some others as long as he spreads them out.

Hattie Marshall from Borsetshire Against Factory Farming thinks an article in the Westbury Courier on a small scale local dairy would be a good idea, before the planning meeting. Pat wonders if Ed Grundy might be up for it. Ruth reckons he'd jump at the chance.


Episode written by Keri Davies

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