Saturday, 4 February 2012

Review: New Country Rehab

New Country Rehab - S/T (Independent)
It’s strange that I was referring to Miami bands in the review of Lil Daggers (see last week’s updates), and here are a band that have come together (albeit in Canada, which is a fair stretch from Miami), after making their way as successful sideman, and are now emulating – just a little - one of the biggest acts to come from the Florida city - The Mavericks. The opener, "Angel Of Death" immediately got me thinking along those lines, which wasn't expunged completely by "Bury Me", nor the cover of Bruce's "State Trooper" that followed. However, it does dissipate over the whole album, because this group of experienced musicians has so much up their collective sleeves. They’re just warming up on those three opening numbers, which of course, isn’t to say they should be dismissed.

There’s a lovely loose feel to this music but also a haphazard quality, which comes from the wide, weird and wonderful choice of material. From the fairly straight alt. country take on "Cameo", through to the bluegrass country jam of "Train 45", and the indie rock-meets-eastern influence of "Ramblin Man". There’s also the magnificent storytelling of the finest track of all, the indie rock inspired "The Last Hand". I asked to review the album after hearing this one track, and the rest being such a whirlwind of varied delights does not dissipate my feelings for this truly magnificent song. As for the negatives, I can’t find a single one. Make New Country Rehab your New Year treat.
Kev A.

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