Saturday, 4 February 2012

Review: Blame Sally

Blame Sally – Speeding Ticket and a Valentine (Ninth Street Opus)
Hailing from San Francisco Bay, Blame Sally are a bunch of experienced and talented musicians who have given up all other commitments to concentrate on this project. And it pays off. Hardship and heartache are covered in the folk melodies and harmonic delicacies of this captivating collection. While the band is more Dixie Mother Hens than Chicks, their take on Americana is fresh and uplifting, even when dealing, on ‘Back in the Saddle’, with the efforts of the titular Sally to get by in a hard, hard world. All of the ensemble chip in with the song writing and share vocal duties. When they harmonise, the world comes together in a great big smile. Blame Sally are back in the saddle and heading out to the wide-open spaces. You should come along for the ride.
Carl J.

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