Thursday, 2 February 2012

A message from Sid Griffin...

Hello everyone,

We have many new subscribers both here and on Twitter at SidCPsGriffin so welcome to you all.

This site had technical trouble a go-go but it now back up and groovy...hence the radio silence of late. However we have not been silent in the studio and finish off the new album, Find The One, in late April again with John Wood (Fairport Convention, Nick Drake, Beth Orton, Squeeze) manning the desk. Find The One will be released in September 2012 if all goes well.

I will be appearing Feb 27 on BBC 6 Music radio on the Radcliffe & Maconie Show, those of you in the UK know how big a show this is and those of you good people who reside outside the UK can hear it via your computers given you have paid your electrical bill and you haven't let your two year old anywhere near the keyboard with a drink in his or her hand.

We are booking many concerts so I hope to see you and yours at person in 2012. The Tour Dates page here at Sid Griffin Dot Com has been updated yet again as has SonicBids Coal Porters and MySpace Coal Porters. As for Facebook Coal you know I promised my family I would not ever go on Facebook in order to spend that time with them, the rascals, and I have kept this promise so y'all will have to tell me if the gigs are updates on Facebook Coal Porters. But they are on the other main sites!!

Of special note is March 15 at The Boilerroom in Guildford just sw of London.
Tickets there are available from
and as this is a very, very special show for us I hope any of you with friends or relations (not that you can't be both!) in the Guildford area will tell them about this March 15 gig. Would you do so, please? Thanks.

May sees five shows in bonnie wee tartan Scotland. Always a great, GREAT territory to perform in! Always, yep.

The Coal Porters are signing up with a new promo company of ex-iTunes employees so as the summer finally draws near expect to see our photo on the cover of Newsweek and the Arts & Leisure section of the Sunday NY Times. Certainly our cyberspace presence will be greater or so we all hope.

Remember Valentine's Day is around the corner so don't fer-git the one you love the most!

Sound as ever,

Sid Griffin
The Coal Porters
humble scribe
ne'er do well
bon vivant

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