Friday, 3 February 2012

The Archers: 2/2/2012


Brian thinks he's found the culprit. Meanwhile Pat is celebrating.

Brian’s disappointed that his PR efforts on Monday didn’t get a mention in the Echo. Jennifer shows him an anti-dairy campaign website and Brian storms off to confront Pat. Pat insists it’s not her doing but suggest he should expect more of its kind.

Lilian’s happy to be Jennifer’s chaperone for the launch of Ambridge Organics. The evening starts well, and Tom’s pleased to see Shelly Brazil arrive. Helen welcomes everyone, and hands over to Pat, who gives a rousing speech.

Jennifer thinks Tony’s ignoring her, and wants to leave early. Lilian points out he’s hardly talking to anyone, and is looking tired. They agree there’s been a lot of work to get ready for tonight. They chat about the promises auction, and Lilian suggests Jennifer should bid for Harry. It would cheer her up.

With the last guest gone, the place looks like a bomb’s hit it. Helen’s happy to finish off the cleaning in the morning. Tony doesn’t want to think about tomorrow – Tom’s informed him he’s going to have to milk. Tom and Tony agree that Pat’s speech was great. Pat insists it was easy to find the words for something that she really cares about.


Episode written by Joanna Toye

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