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Denison Witmer - The Ones Who Wait - Asthmatic Kitty Records - April 2012‏...

Denison Witmer - The Ones Who Wait (CD/LP/DL)
Asthmatic Kitty Records
Release date: 23 April 2012

Stream track "Brooklyn" here: http://soundcloud.com/asthmatickitty/denison-witmer-brooklyn

Having recently been welcomed in to the Asthmatic Kitty family, Denison Witmer will be releasing his new album The Ones Who Wait in the EU in April.

Fifteen years and nine albums into his career, Denison Witmer is familiar with the unexpected and often quixotic intersections that can take place between life and musical career. His newest album, The Ones Who Wait, is a reflection of this understanding of self and the growth that comes through life experience. It is an intimate reflection on the meandering path of life, on family and friendships, on death balanced with new life, on endings and beginnings.

Denison’s albums have always been markedly personal, each one a significant milestone in his life. During the recording of the album his Father became ill and Denison dropped everything to go and look after his Dad during the last few months of his life. The Ones Who Wait marks a whole new level of intimacy with his listeners. Getting married, starting a business, and watching his dad close the final chapter on his life have helped Denison tell his own story better, to be more delicate, and confident. Bringing things full circle, as he wrapped up post-production on The Ones Who Wait, Denison found out he was going to be a father too.

The sound of The Ones Who Wait indicates a new maturity in Denison’s musical career, a subtle sense of confidence in his voice and music. His guitar and voice sit front and centre in the sound, evoking a melodic warmth reminiscent of 70s-era singer-songwriters like Paul Simon and Jackson Browne. Denison reined in his well-established network of musicians to fill out the sound of the record, including CJ Camerieri (Bon Iver, Rufus Wainwright), Devin Greenwood (Norah Jones, Amos Lee), James McAlister (Sufjan Stevens), Charles Staub (Melody Gardot), and Rosie Thomas.

The Ones Who Wait is also Denison’s first release for Asthmatic Kitty Records, whose employees and much of its roster have been long-time fans and collaborators with Denison. Asthmatic Kitty will also be releasing a “part two” of the record later in the summer of 2012.

Track Listing
1. Hold On (4:16)
2. Brooklyn With Your Highest Wall (4:05)
3. Life Before Aesthetics (3:24)
4. Your Friend (4:16)
5. Influence (3:21)
6. Every Passing Day (4:25)
7. Light On My Face (2:49)
8. Two And A Glass Rose (3:27)
9. One More Day (2:24)
10. Cursing (3:53)
11. I Live In Your Ghost (4:17)


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