Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Archers: 7/2/2012


Alan is master of ceremonies. Meanwhile Jolene refuses to take sides.

As the sapling is planted in St Stephens’s churchyard, Alan declare that Ambridge is now officially home to its own Jubilee Royal Oak. Jill goes off to serve tea, while Shula takes a call from Danny Stevas. He wants to sell Topper (formerly owned by Nigel) as he can’t afford the livery. Jill’s sure Shula will find a new owner and it’s different now Freddie’s got his own pony. But it means more than that to Shula.

Jazzer tells Fallon he’s just curious at how many ‘deluded’ women want to bid for Harry’s gardening services in the promises auction.

Ruth wants to put up some posters in The Bull, advertising the online petition against the dairy. Fallon thinks they should go up but Jolene insists they have to remain neutral. She suggests Ruth puts something on the village website, as there’s already some stuff there about the dairy. Ruth’s surprised to hear this and takes a look. Jolene agrees the article is biased towards the dairy but won’t give in to Ruth. She thinks Ruth should post her own article and link it to the petition. Jolene insists she’s not taking sides. She doesn’t have an opinion but it’s only fair Ruth should have her say.


Episode written by Tim Stimpson

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