Tuesday, 1 November 2011

VIOLA NIGHTS with DAMON + NAOMI, Birdengine + Woodpecker Wooliams

VIOLA NIGHTS with DAMON + NAOMI, Birdengine + Woodpecker Wooliams
Sunday, December 11 · doors 7:30pm
Whirled Cinema - Arch 260 - Hardess Street - London SE24 0HN
Tickets £12 or £10 in advance from http://www.musicglue.net/violanights

started playing music together in Galaxie 500, in Boston in 1987 -- Damon on drums and Naomi on bass and occasional vocals. Galaxie 500 broke up in the spring of 1991, just as Damon & Naomi released their first work as a duo -- an EP under the name Pierre √Čtoile. Since then they have released seven albums, on labels such as Shimmy Disc, Sub Pop Records and more recently their own 20/20/20 imprint. They have also famously collaborated with Japanese band Ghost, making a whole album for Sub Pop and subsequently touring as a trio with Ghost’s Electric guitar hero Michio Kurihara. Damon is also a published poet and Naomi an accomplished documentary film maker and photographer; they also run their own publishing company for experimental literature (Exact Change). Domino Records reissued the entire Galaxie 500 catalogue in March 2010 and in May 2011 Damon & Naomi released a brand new album ‘False Beats & True Hearts’.

“[they] have mastered the art of intimacy." Chicago Tribune
"...one of the most consistently interesting cultural juggernauts on the contemporary scene.” Byron Coley + Thurston Moore, Arthur
"acid-folk's under-sung progenitors" Mojo
“...like real water in a world of soda pop.” Robert Wyatt


whose magnificent sound has variously been described as “beautiful, backwards weirdness” and “and unknown supernatural force”, is Lawry Tilbury. His innovative approach is both explorative and experimental. Two EPs of early work were descibed by Stylus magazine as “ The first relevant work of freak folktronica.” He went on to release a mini album ‘I Feed The Rabbit Water’.
Birdengine’s first full length album ‘The Crooked Mile’, takes you on a remarkable journey; from strange lands to bizarre outsider characters, drowning monsters and villages swallowed by the ground. Tilbury’s beautiful and somewhat strange vocals enhance the eerie, unsettling quality of the songs.

“...like visiting a museum of curiosities packed with shelves of malformed foetuses and two-headed dogs pickled in jars; the songs are full of rustic-mythic weirdness...” The Independent
“...wonderfully atmospheric songs...” Uncut


A resident of Brighton, a keeper of bees, a watcher of badgers, a lover of Russian Dolls
aka singer-songwriter Gemma Williams has a tremelo voice somewhat akin to Kate Bush + Bjork; sweet with an edge of the morose. Her songs, mostly comprised only of vocals and harp, plus the odd bell, chime + whistle, range from a traditional folkloric feel to something much more original, modern + intriguing
She delivers a dark compelling, theatrical set

“her enchanted yet firm, confident voice, enriched with some subtle field recordings (sometimes simply made up of background noises caught on tape during the recording process itself), are restrained yet stunning pieces of experimental folk, evoking images of a long-gone English countryside full of mysteries and fairytale.” No Fear Of Pop

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