Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Review: Last Charge Of The Light Horse

Last Charge Of The Light Horse - Curve EP (Curlock & Jalaiso Records)
Last Charge Of The Light Horse originally came together in 2004. In the seven years that have followed, nearly a dozen musicians have been involved with the project, with only songwriter Jean-Paul Vest a constant. The latest release, the five song “Curve” EP provides an excellent introduction to the sort of things they’ve been up to over the years. Vest is an impressive lyricist, presenting stark imagery and some emotional depth, and the band employs plenty of variety within an ambitious indie pop framework.

With over 20 minutes of music, “Curve” feels like a substantial release, and importantly for an EP, there’s no filler material. Beginning with “Something (Else) Out of Nothing”, with its jerked percussion and sustained notes, it’s both angular and haunting. It’s followed by “Along the Curve”, a fantastic pop song with all the charm and substance of the best of ‘80s guitar pop, but with a striking progressive bent. “Lately” begins with crooked beats and a desolate piano, but neither hinders its transformation into a dark, elaborate tour-de-force. Final cut, “Right Around the Corner” is elegiac and plaintive, but ultimately hopeful - a fitting end to a fine collection.
Rob F.

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