Saturday, 11 February 2012

Review: The V-Roys

The V-Roys - Sooner Or Later (F.A.Y. Recordings)
Scott Miller's band was around for just four years, and the alt. country path that they trod, although short and narrow, was one full of interest. As near to rock as you can get whilst still swinging in a country direction, I can remember them splitting opinion at the time, though most music fans were probably blissfully unaware of their existence. I can still remember buying the album 'Just Add Ice' way back in 1994, and discovering this hybrid form of rock and country; just a little more countryfied than Uncle Tupelo, a little more rock than Jolene or Tandy. The only other band that could tread such a fine line for me were the legendary Walkabouts not that I’m comparing them in any other way.

The trouble with this compilation, if you can call it trouble, is that it perfectly distills their work into 18 tracks. Sometimes all you need from a band who you aren't totally in awe of is a decent compilation. The proof of the pudding is whether you hanker to hear more. With 'Sooner Or Later' you get as close to the band as you can possibly get, and buying the three original albums may not be a better option (after all, the last one, 'Are You Through Yet' was a live record). This compilation, then, covers their career pretty much perfectly. No duds, and no particularly special track omitted.

If you never got to grips with this The V-Roys in the past, but suspect they’re your sort of thing, you really can’t go wrong here.
Kev A.

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