Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Review: Ike Moriz - Still EP

Ike Moriz - Still EP (Mosquito Records London)
Ike Moriz’ latest release is a five-track EP comprising of the title track, taken from his “Breathing Dreams” album, a new song called “Angie Blue”, together with German versions of those two songs, and another of “Not About You”, also originally on the “Breathing Dreams” LP. The South African singer-songwriter is no stranger to performances in languages other than English, having previously sung and recorded in Spanish and French, though these songs mark his debut in German.

“Still” was one of the standout tracks from the fore mentioned long-player, so makes an ideal single. Its lilting rhythm and punchy chorus seem tailor made for grown-up AOR radio. The extremely catchy “Angie Blue”, with its glammy sunshine vibe and sing-a-long lyrics, equals it. Again, radio surely beckons. Of the German versions, it’s difficult to single any track out – I don’t speak or understand the language. I can say that Moriz’ approach is chock-full of confidence and vocally he nails them, in much the same way he usually does.
Rob F.

Ike Moriz: Still - Ep

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