Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Review: Hemingway’s Cat

Hemingway’s Cat - Next To You (Sacred Fire Productions)
The latest record from Hemingway’s Cat is a five track EP of danceable guitar rock. The Woodstock, NY based quintet, led by guitarist Lorah Yaccarino (Ritual Motion, Ghostyard, Sacred Fire) only debuted in 2010, but experience tells – most of the group appear to be over 30 - and on “Next To You” they groove like a well-oiled machine with their rhythm section of drummer / vocalist Denise Parent and bass player Wayne Orr in fine fettle throughout.

Live on a small stage I imagine they’re irresistible, but it can be a challenge for a jam band such as Hemingway’s Cat to relocate all their verve and dexterity onto disc. They seem to have coped. Tracks like “While It's Hot” and “Get Over It” spark with energy, and an urge to move in an ungainly fashion ‘round the room can be a little overwhelming. When they slow things down, as on the title track, it becomes clear that the song is as important as the groove. Best of all is the larger-than-life “Dancin Dakini”, a big favourite at shows, it transfers to record with all its excitement and heady vibe intact.
Rob F.


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