Saturday, 4 February 2012

Review: Foam Lake

Foam Lake - Force And Matter (Independent)
Four brothers from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Foam Lake play a form of rock music that refers back to late ‘70s / early ‘80s post-punk, shoegaze, Brit-pop, contemporary guitar bands like Bloc Party, as well as less contemporary guitar bands, like Crazy Horse. All in all that’s quite a smorgasbord of influences, so it’s to the band’s credit that not only do they bring all those different elements together in a cohesive way, they don’t sacrifice the basics like proper songs and decent tunes in the process.

Dense with guitars and keyboards, the band doesn’t hold back sonically, but they still retain an admirable lightness of touch. Take the opening number, “True Hearts”. Because the vocal is mixed good and high and the music leaves it plenty of space, the words carry the track and the hooks pierce the subconscious. Two or three spins and it already sounds like a daytime radio staple. Next is the title track, and again the song’s allowed to breathe, and although guitars are predominant, there’s a hint of Tears For Fears pop nous to the track. When they stretch themselves on longer tracks “Baggage” and “Last Chance” they remain taut and focused, and the song retains its significance.
Rob F.

Foam Lake: Force and Matter

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