Saturday, 11 February 2012

Review: Case In Theory

Case In Theory – Cinematic (Independent)
This band don’t go in for expressive song titles, even if they do go in for an expressive form of music - expressive insofar they unfurl their music, and allow their songs to grow. However, their titles show more restraint, as "The Night", "The Day", "Mavericks", Mavericks 1V", and title track "Cinematic" prove.

Expressive, progressive, whatever... the length of the tracks mirror the titles in their brevity, with short, three minute bursts of well planned sound that are cinematic in scope, if not in duration. They really are deeply rooted in the progressive sound, but manage to get their message over in less than four minutes, with only "Righteous Path" breaking the five minute barrier.

To like this you have to be keen on prog. The guitar sounds are prog, the vocals are prog, the rhythm and tempo are both prog. It is not indie rock in prog clothing, nor alternative rock with a prog element - and I’m truly sorry for using the term 'prog' so many times. What we have are a band from San Francisco that can bring you complicated, cinematic music without it taking an age. Prepare to be won over, so long as you like a bit of you know what.
Kev A.

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