Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A message from Sid Griffin...

Dear Friends,

Andrew Stafford has decided to retire from the Coal Porters to concentrate on law. Yep, he is a solicitor. So the Coal Porters need a bass player and soon, we want to finish the album in late April. and have gigs in March.

is anyone out there interested in the job? Barry? Larry Chatman, you wanna live in London and play acoustic bass? But seriously, we are looking for someone who, with luck, lives in London or nearby, plays dog house bass and can sing harmony. They can be on the next record, tour with us, live the high life and unlike most London acts we actually get paid pretty well for our gigs.

So please, PLEASE pass the word to all and sundry: the Coal Porters need a bass player!!

All the very best, Sid Griffin


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