Sunday, 12 February 2012

Classic 1989 John Hiatt radio broadcast to be released...

John Hiatt - Paper Thin
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By the end of 1986 John Hiatt was ready to give up on his recording career having released seven albums, not one of which had bothered the Billboard chart. However, his huge acclaim as a writer for others and a generally positive perception amongst critics, urged on by friends, supporters and crucially, Demon Records, he released Bring the Family in 1987, the album which provided that elusive breakthrough. The quick fire follow up Slow Turning in 1988 proved an even greater success, and firmly established Hiatt s reputation; the album s title track also giving him his first and only hit single to date. It was whilst touring across the US and Canada in support of Slow Turning that the band stopped off at Barrymore's Music Hall in Ottawa on January 19th January 1989, and this CD features the dynamic show performed that evening, the entirety of which was broadcast across the airwaves by CKQB-109.4 FM, a local rock station whose live broadcasts are legendary. Featuring a wealth of tracks from both Slow Turning and Bring the Family, this superb show, clearly delighting an ecstatic audience, sounds as electric, exciting and energetic now as it surely did when it was performed.

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