Friday, 10 February 2012

The Archers: 9/2/2012


Joe tries to drive a hard bargain and Shula is keen to make a purchase.

Christine hates seeing Shula so low. Shula can’t bear to tell Freddie the news about Topper being sold.

Alistair’s impressed to learn that Ed’s registered for the DEFRA course on vaccinating badgers against TB. Shula tries desperately to get a word in and eventually tells him she’s thinking of buying Topper. She’d pay for him through the business, and use him for teaching. Then in a few years Freddie might want to ride him. Alistair insists they can’t afford it.

Jim tells Joe they need to agree on how much cider he and Eddie are expecting to keep. Jim starts his offer at 10%, increasing it to 40% but Joe’s looking for no less than 80% and Jim has hurt his feelings. Jim will have to speak to the other cider club members. He tells Christine how difficult it was to bargain with Joe.

At the Britain in Bloom committee meeting, they need to decide on an overall strategy. Jim suggests an Olympics theme and Christine suggests the Jubilee. It’s also important they find a sponsor. Jim mentions that Brian approached him on behalf of Borchester Land. They agree they’ll have to find someone else - a BL sponsorship would be too divisive.


Episode written by Tim Stimpson

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