Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Archers: 8/2/2012


Tom reacts badly and Lynda makes waves.

Lynda hasn’t seen Pat’s email yet, but the village website has to be fair to both sides so she’ll happily post the petition on the site. Lynda tells Neil that there’s a lot of tension within the village, so the the parish councillors should set up a public meeting with Borchester Land. Neil agrees to speak to Brian.

Brian turns on the charm and agrees to take Neil’s suggestion for a public meeting on board. But it’s really the last thing he needs right now.

The ready meals are coming along but Tony’s not happy with Tom missing more work on the farm.

Pat receives a letter from Kylie. She and Sharon have had a heart-to-heart. She knows that they met Rich and thinks it’s great. Tony urges Pat not to get her hopes up. It’s just a kind gesture from a kind girl. Pat still sees it as a link, and wants to respond. Tony concedes to a quick thank you but thinks they should talk to Tom and Helen.

Tom’s upset. He tells Brenda about the letter from Kylie. He fears Pat and Tony have started something they can’t stop. There’s nothing Tom can do, except hope that it goes away.


Episode written by Tim Stimpson

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